About Us

Earth Shelter Developers has been in the Interlocking Concrete Paving Stone and Modular Retaining Wall business since the early 80’s.  Projects have ranged from the smallest of residential to the largest industrial project ever installed in North America.
Earth Shelter Developers has put together a team of top people in key positions to help in the growth of the paving stone industry.  Pavers were introduced to the U.S.A. market during the mid 70’s.  Since that time new manufacturers, contractors, and related supply and service companies have grown with the industry.
Pavers are now available in many patterns, colors, finishes and thickness.  The method of installation on larger projects has also evolved from purely hand installation to include the use of mechanical installation.  Earth Shelter Developers is a leader in this new technology.  The best example of this is the massive Port of Oakland, Vision 2000 Project.  Earth Shelter Developers has installed and/or contracted to install, more than 3,000,000 square feet of 100mm (4 inch thick) pavers for the container terminals.
At the same time Earth Shelter Developers continues to be involved in many prestigious projects in the municipal, commercial and residential markets.
If you need, design input, availability information, budget estimates or currently have a project going to bid, please contact us at Earth Shelter Developers.